Spanish culture has been influenced by many things. As a coastal nation, with a rich history of trade and cultural exchange, it has gained a rich depth that exceeds many, if not all, cultures. Along with native Spanish influences, the country has some Muslim factors from the Moors that occupied Spain for several centuries. Furthermore, Spain shares the Pyrenees Mountains with France and completely surrounds Portugal, adding to the interactions throughout history.

Spanish as a language has become one of the most-spoken in the world. Second only to Chinese (with English close behind), it has become a popular and useful language for people to learn. Because of the colonization race for the Americas in the period following the Renaissance, many American countries have Spanish or Portuguese roots. Their native legends and myths were then passed down not in their native language, but in Spanish. And now, in modern times, the Spanish language has become one of the most spoken and most important languages of our time. Because GOAL seeks to promote the understanding of other cultures’ customs, we will translate some Spanish stories to share its rich culture.

This video, (c) spain, shows Spain’s diverse history of art and culture throughout time.


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