Cathy An: French Leader
Cathy An is responsible for the French department of GOAL. Cathy An is a senior at Northview High School, where she is currently taking AP French. Her favorite subjects in school are language arts, French, and social studies. She enjoys learning and reading about French culture, and hopes to one day study abroad in Paris, France. Besides French, Cathy can also speak mandarin Chinese. Her other interests include debating, playing the flute, tutoring, writing creative pieces, and reading the novels of Jane Austen.

Aaron Choi : Director, Co-Founder 

Hello! My name’s Aaron and I’m one of the founders and directors of Gathering Of All Languages. I’m a senior at Northview High School. I conceived the idea of  an organization dedicated to translation when I was translating a Korean poem in sixth grade. Even though it was something I did for fun, I figured it would be helpful if many more people could share poems and stories written in their native languages. Today, I’m an aspiring journalist and a college-bound senior who juggles many things at once!

Kyung Derek Kim: Korean Leader
Kyung J. Kim was born in Pusan, Korea. Traveling Europe at a young age, he gained interests in understanding diverse cultures. Currently he works as the director of Korean language translation in GOAL. He has been showing interests in other cultures as well, becoming the president of Chinese National Honors Society . He likes to do math, play soccer, and play music as hobbies.

Jehyun Park: Director, Co-Founder
I’m Jehyun Park, the co-founder of GOAL. Some of my many interests include clarinet, tennis, Chinese, and economics. I am currently a senior at Northview High School, and I aspire to one day become involved in business and economics. I am interested in the many languages and cultures that coexist in our world. By co-founding GOALanguage, I hope to call to attention the importance of studying and spreading various languages in our community.

Sharon Zhang: Chinese Leader

Sharon Zhang is a senior at Northview High School. She’s been learning Chinese since the 1st grade and   French since the 3rd grade. Currently, she plays        piano and participates in Northview’s Beta Club,        Debate Team, and 121 Reach Tutoring. In her free    time, Sharon likes shopping, playing tennis,                   watching movies, eating froyo, and listening to music.

Patrick Zhou: Spanish Leader
Hi! I’m Patrick Zhou. I’m a typical teenager lost in the wanderlust of newfound independence. Together with the other founders, I started GOAL to help spread the cultural diversity that we experienced in our lives with the rest of the world. Besides helping out with GOAL, I enjoy fencing, surfing the Internet, and playing the cello. An interesting thing about me is that my right hand has a birth defect, so I can’t touch my right shoulder with my right hand.


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