The People Who Couldn’t Leave

Like a bully cornering his helpless victim, rages of fire slowly choked the already rundown building. As the fire truck squirts out water in vain, cocktail bottles rained from the sky and lit on fire, doing nothing but helping the fire.

This is just a glimpse of the story of Yongsan Massacre. The Korean team helped translating a human rights documentary regarding the Yongsan Massacre. Titled “The People Who Couldn’t Leave,” this documentary was created by the South Korea Human Rights Coalition, and it featured a controversial human rights incident that happened in 2008. The incident involved tenants who illegally lived in a building in Seoul who were in conflict with a city beautification project. The conflict between the tenants and the city police escalated to a point that involved violence and eventually a fire that killed five of the tenants. The Human Rights Coalition became involved afterwards which sparked the making of the documentary that GOAL helped translate. It was an event that would have otherwise remained obscure had GOAL not joined the effort to spread the word out to the rest of the world.

GOAL is unfortunately not mentioned in the translation credit.


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